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New! Learn English online with my excellent colleague, Laura.

Laura is dedicated, professional, and an expert in online lessons. She is also a former Olympic skier!

  • “She was literally the nicest person and given how much time and thought she invests in her students, nobody will regret working with her.”
  • “Laura has familiarized herself with Zoom and made the lesson interactive and really fun – we did some cool exercises on the internet”

Special offer: Book a one-hour trial lesson for only 25 Euros.
Contact me (Andrew) at caeexamtips@gmail.com to discuss it further.

Want lessons with me?

I sometimes take students for small batches of one-to-one online lessons. Current price: 5 hours for 200 Euro.

Cool students only, please!

Online Courses

Phrasal Verbs for Cambridge Exams

Learn 70 phrasal verbs in the most enjoyable online course there is! It’s incredible value for money – 14 units with videos, slideshows, games, quizzes, and bonus content.

Here’s what a student named Vicky wrote to me after passing CAE:

  • “In the writing test I used 3 phrasal verbs in the intro, and I had the opportunity to use many more so I wanted to thank you again for creating the course, I am for sure its biggest fan!!!!!”
  • “AND SPEAKING!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! I was soooooooooooo nervous… I also used many phrasal verbs from the course and every time that I did the examiner was looking kind of off to the side at his colleague and was kinda making those big eyes facial expressions and was also smiling so I took that as a green light.”

Andrew’s Writing Workshop

Coming soon!

I’ll show you how to write an essay, report, or proposal for Cambridge exams. It’s going to be great. Probably not as many games as in the phrasal verb course. Not sure how that’d work.

C1 Writing Feedback

Send me your CAE essays, reports, proposals etc. and I’ll proofread them and record a video giving you feedback.

That’s right, an actual video.

Students absolutely love this! 

  • “Thanks for being so approachable and at the same time so funny.”
  • “I love it! Can you continue giving feedback in this video format, please?”
  • “I am speechless about you doing this video to help me.”
  • “Ok Andrew. I am overjoyed about your feedback and the way that you are helping me. I think I do not deserve so much consideration because you must be quite busy.”

C1 Advanced Speaking Test Coaching

Buying this entitles you to a 30-minute coaching session with me (Andrew).

You know, like the ones on my Youtube channel. Basically we’ll go through a speaking test and I’ll give you feedback and some tips on what to work on.

Email me if you want to discuss scheduling or have questions.

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