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Online Courses

5-star online courses created by Andrew. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, you’ll pass your exams.

Andrew's Writing Workshop

Learn to write the perfect C1 Advanced essay with my step-by-step system! Plus write killer reports, proposals, letters, and reviews.

Phrasal Verbs for Cambridge Exams

Learn 70 phrasal verbs in 14 fun-filled lessons, featuring exclusive videos. Improve your English and your Cambridge exam scores.

C1 Writing Feedback

Send me your CAE essays, reports, proposals etc. and I’ll proofread them and record a video giving you feedback.

That’s right, an actual video.

Students absolutely love this! 

  • “Thanks for being so approachable and at the same time so funny.”
  • “I love it! Can you continue giving feedback in this video format, please?”
  • “I am speechless about you doing this video to help me.”
  • “Ok Andrew. I am overjoyed about your feedback and the way that you are helping me. I think I do not deserve so much consideration because you must be quite busy.”

C1 Advanced Speaking Test Coaching

Buying this entitles you to a 30-minute coaching session with me (Andrew).

You know, like the ones on my Youtube channel. Basically we’ll go through a speaking test and I’ll give you feedback and some tips on what to work on.

Email me if you want to discuss scheduling or have questions.

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