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Hi! I’m Andrew Girardin. I’ve been teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) for nearly 20 years and my websites and Youtube videos about Cambridge exams are hugely popular.

Now I’m designing fun, useful, online English courses to help you improve your skills.

If you want to improve your English and don’t want to be bored to death while doing it, buy one of these courses!

Andrew Girardin

What Do You Get?

Phrasal Verbs for Cambridge Exams

A fun, five-star course that will help you add over 70 phrasal verbs to your vocabulary and will help you with your Cambridge exams.

70 Phrasal Verbs in 7 Days!

Perfect for C1 Advanced (CAE) but good for FCE and CPE students too. Go fast or slow depending on when your exam is. You'll love it!
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Andrew's Writing Workshop

The ultimate writing course for Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) students! Learn to write essays, reports, proposals, letters and reviews with confidence!

Write Better

Build your confidence in writing and improve your writing scores.
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Why Phrasal Verbs?

It’s hard to teach phrasal verbs. All the phrasal verb exercises I’ve ever seen are sooooooooo boring that most of the time I just tell my students to do them for homework.

But phrasal verbs are important! Native speakers use them ALL THE TIME and a student who can use a phrasal verb is sure to get a higher grade in the exam than one who can’t.

So I decided to spend a few months of my life making a REALLY good phrasal verbs course. Because if I can’t make phrasal verbs fun, then no-one can.

Why Writing?

It’s hard to teach writing. First of all, in a class of 6 students there might be one who does the writing homework, and it takes too long to study writing in class.

Secondly, improving your writing is slow! In 4 weeks I can really improve your speaking, but in the same time I can only improve your writing a little bit.

But I like a challenge! I decided to make a writing course that was helpful for students whose exam is next week and students who have more time to think about it

Other Courses Are Much More Expensive

My courses are more detailed, more fun, more interactive, and more perfectly tailored for Cambridge exam students than ones that cost three times the price (made by people who don’t care about you).

I want to keep my courses affordable to students all around the world, not just people in rich countries.

When you see how much work I put into these courses you will be amazed. And you will be happy with the lessons. But if you aren’t amazed and you aren’t happy, I will refund you. No problem!

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