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Why Phrasal Verbs?

Phrasal verbs are a huge challenge for EFL students like you. There are so many and they are so similar and one phrasal verb can mean 8 different things!

Most teachers don’t know how to teach them and most coursebooks just throw lots of phrasal verbs at you and hope some of them ‘stick’. All the phrasal verb exercises I’ve ever seen are sooooooooo boring that most of the time I just tell my students to do them for homework.

But phrasal verbs are important! Native speakers use them ALL THE TIME and a student who can use a phrasal verb is sure to get a higher grade in the exam than one who can’t.

So I decided to spend a few months of my life making a REALLY good phrasal verbs course. Because if I can’t make phrasal verbs fun, then no-one can.

What's in the Course?

Other Courses Are Much More Expensive

My phrasal verb course is more detailed, more fun, more interactive, and more perfectly tailored for Cambridge exam students than courses that cost 40+ dollars. But I want it to be affordable wherever you live in the world.

Don’t pay 40 dollars for a course you won’t enjoy. Buy this one instead.

Buy "Phrasal Verbs for CAE in 7 Days"

Learn 70 phrasal verbs that will impress your examiners!

$ 14
  • Videos for each lesson
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