[Free Trial] Sample Lesson

Here you can try a unit from the Phrasal Verbs in 7 Days course. Watch the video, print the worksheets, play the games.

The games in this free version are a bit different from the ones in the paid course. These ones only use vocabulary from unit 4.

If you’re confused by the interface, click ‘expand all’ to see all the sections. It’s best to start by watching the video.

Note: Change the video to 720p for better quality.

If you like it, buy the rest of the course and support me in making more helpful courses!


3 thoughts on “[Free Trial] Sample Lesson”

  1. Dear Andrew,

    Thank you for your wonderful work and webpage.

    I was wondering if you are giving individual online classes.

    If you want to contact me, please do nit hesitate to do that by one of the following ways: [deleted by Andrew].

    Thank you for time and consideration.
    Kind regards,

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