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  • Send me 5 pieces of Cambridge C1 Advanced writing and I'll give you feedback and tips on where to improve.
  • Some students want to focus on essays, others want to write one of everything (essay, report, proposal, email, review). It's your choice!
  • I normally send the feedback within 48 hours.
  • Don't worry that it's in dollars - your credit card or Paypal will automatically convert from your local currency. 56 dollars is about 50 Euros.

What Does It Look Like?

In this screengrab you can see the student's text with colour-coded highlights. In this case the green is good, purple is weird, and the burgundy is grammar stuff. Bottom left is me, with lockdown hair, talking through my corrections and giving overall feedback in line with the Cambridge marking scheme. Awesome! Update - the recordings are now in HD! (And I had a haircut.)

Feedback On My Feedback

  • "Thanks for your feedback which has been very helpful. Honestly. I am learning every single day."
  • "I gotta say is far more useful than all the CAE classes I took here in London in order to prepare for it."


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