Phrasal Verbs for Cambridge Exams:
An Online Course That Gets Results

The best online course for students who want to REALLY improve their English.

  • Learn 70 useful phrasal verbs while having fun
  • Gain confidence
  • Improve your Cambridge exam scores
  • Created by world-famous teacher/model Andrew Girardin


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My name is Andrew Girardin and I believe this is the best phrasal verbs course in the world!

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    Course Overview

    It’s hard to teach phrasal verbs. All the phrasal verb exercises I’ve ever seen are sooooooooo boring that most of the time I just tell my students to do them for homework.

    But phrasal verbs are important! Native speakers use them ALL THE TIME and a student who can use a phrasal verb is sure to get a higher grade in the exam than one who can’t.

    Just look at a typical FCE, CAE, or IELTS test. There are loads of questions where you need to know phrasal verbs to get the answers! LOADS. So ignoring them is crazy.

    That’s why I decided to spend a few months of my life making a REALLY good phrasal verbs course. Because if I can’t make phrasal verbs fun, then no-one can.

    Course Content

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    Completing this course will help you:

    Who is the course for?

    Anyone studying English will benefit from this course. It’s especially useful for anyone studying B2 First (FCE) or C1 Advanced (CAE). Some students taking C2 Proficiency (CPE) have told me they LOVED it.

    You need to invest some time, but not a crazy amount. The videos are around 15 minutes each. Then there are printouts and games to help you learn the new words. Finally, there are lots of fun games and quizzes. But you don’t have to do everything!

    Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Of course! You think I want to start a fight with a credit card company? Lol.

    If you are unhappy with the course, email me within 14 days of buying and I’ll start the refund immediately.

    Why is it so cheap?

    It’s not cheap, it’s affordable.

    I like making money but I also like teaching and getting nice emails from people about how much I helped them.

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